This app was created by me, Lauren Glucina, from Ascension Kitchen. I am a Holistic Heath Coach, Certified Raw Foods Chef & Educator and current student of Natural Medicine here in Australia. Ascension Kitchen started as a place online to share my plant-powered recipes and wellness tips for a more vibrant life.

My philosophy is to simply feed your body and your mind with the purest, simplest foods, and the happiest, most positive thoughts.

I am a huge advocate for an organic, whole, plant-based diet sprinkled with lots of vibrant raw foods.

What we eat has a direct impact on our bodies – food is like information, bathing and washing over our cells, sending them messages and influencing their behaviour.

Raw foods rock at providing a healthy alternative to your usual treats made with things like refined sugars, colourings, refined grains, heated (and often rancid) oils, dairy, salt and other nasties. Get prepared to replace the above with wholesome and creative alternatives such as avocados, cashews, raw cacao, nut milks and a dash of superfoods, herbs and flower essences.

These plant based recipes are all kind to your body, the environment, and other sentient beings. And, with the exception of a few herbs and sweeteners, are all living, raw foods, so they are both full of life force energy, and vital enzymes, minerals and other goodies.

This is the bestest way ever to indulge in Mother Nature’s finest, all without feeling bloated and puffy. Yippee!

This app was created by Lauren, from Ascension Kitchen. 
Lauren is a Certified Raw Foods Chef & Educator, Holistic Health Coach
and current student of Natural Medicine. You can visit her site here.